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Send & receive messages to and from other tenants/owners in the condo while keeping your phone number confidential.
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Pool closed, elevators out of service, car park being washed, windows being cleaned, do not through cigarette butts down, dry yourself before entering the building, yoga class location change, etc.
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Document Directory
Any document that management holds and distributes now can be published on AtMyCondo
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On-line Requests & Reports
Moving in/out elevator booking request
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Important Contacts
Quick access to all emergency and regularly used lists of contacts Management, Hospitals, ambulance, doctors, fire, police, plumbers, pizza delivery…
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Events / Calendar
Management: Set all events, facility bookings, temporary change of operation hours, etc.
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Businesses & services
Quick access to the list of neighborhood businesses & services
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Property Listings
As buyer or renter look up available properties in the area of interest and price range and size.
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Buy & Sell
Moving out? Have cars or furniture to sell? List in the neighborhood buy & sell
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Through one customized interface, interact and provide services to all tenants/owners. Stop posting papers everywhere and use AtMyCondo services and notifications to all tenants/owners regardless of their whereabout. Start using AtMyCondo features you need now, grow in to it later as you need to

  • Broadcast Announcements

    (Emails, SMS, Mobile Notification)
  • Respond to Service Request

  • On-line facility booking eliminates duplicate errors

  • Maintain an on-line Tenant/Owner Directory

  • On-line Document Directory and repository

  • Maintain an on-line important Property Contacts

  • Handle all joining property requests

    (including Tenants, Owners and Business & Service)
  • Handle Incident Reports

  • Chat privately with tenants/owners

  • Participate and contribute in FAQs/Forums

This software is free if installed and used within the promotional period

Tenant/Owner/Potential Renter

Stay informed about your property regardless of where you live. Multiple properties maybe monitored through AtMyCondo. No need to stop by the management office each time needing new information. Receive management notices and announcements, and the archives, on your mobile. Eliminate the need to search several emails to find an old notice. Stay informed with what everyone at the condo is doing and saying

  • Chat privately with tenants/owners and the management

  • Book a facility from your mobile

  • Request a service from a Business & Service or the management

  • Participate/contribute to FAQs/Forums

  • Write reviews in “Businesses and Services”

  • Report an incident to the management

  • Get notified for parcels/packages received on your behalf

  • Advertise for your vacant unit

  • Use AtMyCondo as manager/Tenant/owner, even owning multiple condos

  • As a potential renter look up the desired properties and communicate with the owners or agents for vacant units

Business & Service/Contractors/Agents

  • Grow your business; List your business/service for the neighborhood

  • Create a Business profile

  • Post your “for sale or rent” listings

  • Look up “for sale or rent” units for your buyer

  • Accept service requests and send quotes

  • Get rated and receive reviews on the product & services provided

Businesses and Contractors can list their products and services free of charge during the promotional period. Take advantage of this and promote your product & services in the neighborhood

APPS Available to download

Please click on the link below to download

  • Available in AppStore
  • Available in Google Playstore